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At Firefox 44 Tarot , We believe in providing compassionate and honest tarot readings that uplift and inspire. I offer intuitive energy tarot card readings, with over 20 years of experience, guiding  clients through delicate and sensitive situations with care and patience. I have a dedicated focus on delivering the messages clients need to help them move through difficult life circumstances. Don't wait any longer – book a private reading with me today.

                        How  Does Tarot  work?
Probably one of the most asked questions,
Tarot cards hold metaphors which can help clients observe and make better sense of their circumstances by the images and meanings of the card because of the Cards metaphorical qualities a tarot reader is able to explain the metaphors bringing  to light the clients subconscious and make things more concrete for them as a result the cards  bring up things occurring in a client's life that is difficult for them verbalise due to things being hidden in the subconscious, once  Open the client can' find a way to understand and find the solution which is very empowering 
Symbolism and themes on the cards represent human characteristics and Universal personality types and are very neutral even regards any religion /spiritual beliefs the cards simply align with a clients unique 
perspective and beliefs
 Tarot  cards are a not substitute for therapy  though they have been used as parts of therapy sessions 
 Tarot cards function primarily through random synchronicities and numbers and do have the fascinating potential of exposing blind spots with just a few cards a person can have a completely different view on their situation as the cards help them to articulate their feelings due to the imagery on them

 I have to say after many years working in mental health  along with  all the readings I have done for so many 
that  I am a strong believer in tarot  and it still holds that magic for me and I think that is why I get he results that I do for my clients 

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